You act as if you’re always out of time. You eat hurriedly, take your coffee in gulps, plan your day during breakfast, and think about the next task halfway through the job at hand. You’re too afraid to waste time that you fail to experience the “now”.

You’re always in a rush to the next task. It brings you comfort to function like you have always done but it’s making you miserable. It’s making you miss a lot of things.

The adrenaline rush is nice but that’s not all there is. You’ll accomplish tasks and be handed more challenging ones. It’s not about how many tasks you’ve accomplished but how you managed to deal with them. It’s seldom about the numbers, rather the process. How were you better? What were your weak points? What could have been improved? How could they be improved?

After all these, it won’t bring you fulfillment to count the number of tasks you’ve accomplished. Considering your memory, you’d probably forget anyway. It’s the people you met, places you went to, the things you never wanted to/thought you’d do but you did them anyway, the feelings places and people (and food) evoked in you,… – these are the things that you’ll remember.

My point? Enjoy that mug of cappuccino and stop thinking about what you’d be doing when you get out of the cafe or when you get home. Give worrying some rest, will you? Enjoy the now 😀


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