I’m looking forward to completing this report.

That’s an understatement. Somehow, the idea of burning all these transcripts I’ve been carrying for the last two years is seemed like a great reward for submitting the complete report. I’ve taken these back in my hometown. There are index cards posted on my apartment wall. This entry has been stuck in my planner since 2009. As if I needed more reminders to really really get this one done.

It’s my fault. No doubt about that. I just thought that more things were more important than this one. It’s hard to stick to something you don’t really like doing. But hey, I accepted the responsibility. I said I’ll get it done. I’ve broken a lot of deadlines. I’m not really proud of that. I can give a long list of excuses why other tasks are more important than this one. Still, they’re called excuses for a reason. The bottom line is, this shouldn’t have happened. But since this is reality, the things that should have not have happened happened.

There are just people who are stuck completing what other people should have completed years ago. But that’s the past and there’s no use in reviewing what should be. Let this month be the last. Get it done.

Seriously, get it done.


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