I’ve never been happier to see a period in my screen.

I took a few moments of silence to deal with the disbelief. “It. is. done!” screamed that voice in my head.”IT IS FINALLY DONE!” A couple of deep breaths and I finally processed it. I can finally remove this entry in my planner.

Relief and happiness, that’s all I could feel right now. I didn’t even worry about the quality of the report. For now, I could not care less. I’m stuck to the idea that it’s completed.  I’ve been awake since midnight working on this report. For the first time in years, I really believed this will be the last day I’m going to work on completing this draft. Today is my last deadline.

A little more than three years – that’s how long it took to finally reach this day. I’m not saying that the output is great. I’m just glad it’s over. Of course, there will be revisions. That’s expected. I’m relieved it’s completed. Finally.

I’ve been envisioning handing over the report. I’m looking forward the next department meeting agenda – free of this particular entry. It felt like a heavy load has been lifted. The curse of this report has been broken – for now. Let’s see what happens in the future.



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