shared special day

November 19 marks the birthday of the eldest and the third sister. The mother shared that she was cooking for the eldest sister’s birthday party when her water broke. Having children share a birthday is cost effective for parents. I’ve always thought it was cool to have two sisters share a birthday. Hmnn… there’s something about February – or March.

The two celebrated their 35th and 28th birthday watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 and a dinner. After quite a long time, I finally watched something in the big screen. It’s the sisters’ birthday after all. It was the third sister’s break. Time to enjoy half a day at the mall. She was feeling more generous that usual. 😀

Notes to self:

  • It’s more practical to ride the airconditioned bus to SM Calamba from Los Baños (especially with the ongoing construction.) Might as well be comfortable while waiting.
  • Go to the cinemas 30 minutes before the scheduled screening time. That’s the only way to get good seats. Or, you can always pay more for the reserved seat 😀
  • Never enter a store unless you have previously needs  (identified at least 24 hours earlier) you have to buy.
  • When you see something you like (and you can afford it) buy it rather than spend a long time with regret or scouring other branches for the item. I can’t find that notebook at the National Bookstore.

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