third week of the semester

Found a copy of Hannibal on my way home. I liked the movie. Thought it was about time I read the novel. Thomas Harris’s Hannibal will be this month’s read.

These past days seem more manageable. I can sense the significant decrease in my work load because of the research I should be doing. With this much free time come the burden of guilt.

It’s strange. I should be happy about this. Instead, I worry. There’s the feeling of something ominous in the days to come.

Most afternoons, I find myself lost in the luxury of staring at a blank screen. My only task to wait for time. I can do that for an hour or so in some classes-free afternoons. Then that feeling sneaks into consciousness pulling one back to reality; that feeling when you know that you’re supposed be doing something – that you’re not doing.

The worst part is when you realize what you’ve forgotten to prepare for – or do – or to attend to.

I’m back to watching movies in the evenings while dealing with the other work in between. Thanks to my new office mate, I got a new set of movies/TV series/anime to accompany dinner 😀


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