Do something else. Anything. This routine’s got to change. Do something unplanned. Spend a day without the list. Just one day. Do the things you want to do. These episodes you talk about, it’s just another term for something else.

You’ve been wallowing in regret for too long, stuck in the past and thinking about the could-have-beens. Welcome to the present, to the now. A different moment from the time you’ve started reading the post. Your time may have been wasted. But that time’s gone. You can never get them back with regrets and hope. The only options are to waste time on replay mode or make the most of what time you have left. Of course you’ll always think you could have done better. That’s because you already know where you got things wrong. The past can’t be edited. But lessons from the previous draft help develop better outputs in the future.

You fucked up. You fell short of your own expectations. You failed. What? You really think you can pass through life without experiencing any of these?! No one it that good at things. Honey, welcome to this thing we call reality. It won’t be the last time you’ll encounter failure and disappointment.

It gets better every time. Worry not. You would have grown stronger when you find yourself face to face with the more challenging ones later.

You can focus on the negative things and start dealing with age lines early. Or, your can focus more on the things you can be thankful for. Without the sarcasm, there’s still a lot of things to be grateful for. Start counting them. Make a habit out of it. It’s not easy but possible. That’s enough. Start with an attempt.

Life can be shitty. It can unfair. It can be a bitch. It’s never easy. Does that even surprise you? Just what did you expect?

Life can also be fulfilling. It can be pleasant. It can also be happy. Life can be anything you see it to be. Anything you believe it to be. What’s shitty and unfair, what’s never easy, what’s a bitch, what’s fulfilling and happy – it’s all you.

And here I was thinking I’d be enjoying some light conversation on a Friday night.


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