pizza… again (no complaints here)

To wake up in the afternoon is such a luxury I can take only on weekends. With this weather, it’s not that hard to do. I save a lot on meals during this day. During some Saturdays, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is taken as a meal.

Because I splurged on pizza last night, I shouldn’t be spending today. (Ideally.) I produced a can of corned beef, an old garlic bulb, tomato paste, and spaghetti from the humble cupboards. That’d last me the day.

Spent the afternoon watching movies. Tomorrow, I’ll be working on my other work. I’ve got three deliverables first thing Monday morning. No chance to watch movies tomorrow. I’m making the most of my Saturday.

Come dinner time and I found myself munching on pizza once more. The friends were eating out after a day’s work on a weekend. Another chance to indulge on green tea cream frappuccino 😀 It was nice to get out of the apartment. The about two-hour trip to the nearest mall was better than staring at the screen.

Really, this month’s been all about indulgence! Especially food. My belt’s giving me the warning. Must really get back to walking. I’ve got a lot to burn.


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