family day

Got the morning wake up call from the mother. I’ve been invited for a free lunch! Just what I needed. After the recent splurge, I need all the freebies I can get from the relatives 😀

Lunch was settled and we (the mother, third sister, and the nephew) watched movies.  It’s nice to spend time with family even if it means having a wrestling match with the seven-year-old nephew. I’ve never been around growing males – same as the mother and the sister. Wrestling seems to be their past time during this stage. The only thing that allowed us to watch the movie in peace was letting him play the Angry Birds game on my mobile phone.

When you’re watching a movie with chefs, there’s a lot of food scenes. That’s bound to get you hungry after a while. The third sister produced a leaflet of items for delivery from the mother’s favored pizza store. Yep, pizza once more. Still, I’m loving every slice. It’s free courtesy of the third sister. I’m to pay the next time we crave for pizza. For now, I’m enjoying the free slices 😀

And finally, I managed to burn some (an insignificant number of) calories from the ten-round walk. I also managed to pay the one round walk I wasn’t able to complete during my last walk. The lower back is sore and so are m feet. But hey, at least I got back to walking. Must schedule another walk for this week. At this rate of consumption, I need more and longer walks.

Must prepare for the Christmas season.


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