5pm to 8pm (the next day)

Been awake since yesterday afternoon. Got two deliverables to submit earlier this morning. It just so happened that I had the urge to take the long walk on the day I’ll be pulling an all-nighter. Not a very bright thing to do, I now know.

I’ve finished the first task at about four in the morning and it was on with he second deliverable. At this point, I cannot squeeze a nap because it’d be impossible for me to wake up after an hour or two. I cannot not meet this deadline. Or so I thought. There was a couple of hours delay. Our department had an activity in the morning and I had a meeting with another activity  site in the afternoon.

Still, it was quite a productive day even if I felt like I was struggling with my balance. The head weighed significantly heavier. There was just something off with my balance. I found  the body leaning backwards now and then. The eyelids felt heavier and everything was moving in slow motion. Even my brain was working in slo-mo.

I hope I remember this day the next time I plan to get some exercise on the days I need to work late.


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