that darn comment

It was one long day. (Still, that feels like an understatement.)

I keep hearing the eldest sister’s comment during one of our dinners. I’m irritated because I happen to know that it is so true for my case.

There are some things I can’t seem to consult the sisters because of context. When you seek advice on what to do next, you look for a person with the most similar context. Now, that’d be the second sister, which is in another region (and has more important concerns). Phone conversations are not really my thing.

I took the eldest sister’s advice and felt significantly better. Somehow, everything seemed more manageable – even my temper. Still, that comment lingers and not a day passes without a situation reminding me of how true that comment is. I doubt the situation’s going to change.

Got a 2012 planner and a free dinner. What a treat 😀 Dinner conversations remain to be the best way to spend Friday evenings.


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