weekend fun, Monday misery

Loooooooooong day.

I’m sensing a pattern here. The Mondays are becoming how-long-she-can-function-without-sleep test day. I’ve been awake since yesterday. This is becoming more challenging by the week. I needed some brain processing – more than the usual – for today and it was quite a challenge.

It’s my fault. Had I completed some of the tasks last Saturday, Sunday evenings would be more manageable. For the past weeks, the crammer in me dominates hence, this state I am in right now. It’s a cross between that drunk feeling (the tendency to walk in a straight – but diagonal line?), light headed, empty, shlooowwww  purroohcesssiiiiinnnng, PMS crankiness, it-is-never-quiet-enough… it’s just not a good state to be in. I hope I learn my lesson this time. Then again, I also hoped for that same thing last week.

Somehow, I survived my class and was able to deal with some fieldwork. I could have easily rolled down the three flight of stairs in the three-story building as I timed the students’ introduction sessions to their tutees.

The weather wasn’t helping at all. There were heavy rains with mild winds late in the afternoon (from a sunny morning) resulting to a humid jeepney ride back to the office. I fell asleep in the jeepney (sometime during the more than 30-minute ride). There was heavy traffic as expected in the start of the early evening rush hour. Good thing I woke up just in time for my stop.

I’ve been having visions of the mattress all day. I won’t have any trouble getting sleep tonight.


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