on leave

Never been happier to post the note on our office door.

I have been looking forward to this trip and I’m deeply thankful for the friends who encouraged me to get out of town (and for the use of their credit cards 😀 ). Unfortunately, Consultant Cla had to attend a conference. This will be the only chance for this year to leave Luzon. At least humabol pa 😀

We arrived in Zamboanga (Nalito lang yung flight attendant sa pag-announce) Davao City at about ten in the morning. The last time I was here was three years ago and it was evening. I never really got to appreciate the place. The previous trip was pure business.

The first place we went to was — the mall. The first meal in Davao?


Blackbeard’s Seafood Island. This place stays true to their word. This, we realized when we were presented their Garlic Smothered (no doubt about that) Bangus, Crispy Binagoongang Baboy,  Classic Pakbet, and their (Medium?!) Shrimp Rice. The waiter said the medium serving of Shrimp Rice was good for two persons. When the platter arrived, it was good for even up to five people. No complaints here 😀

We didn’t even have the space for dessert. We won’t be needing dinner after that meal. A walk around the mall was required. If this is to be an indicator of the level of food trip in Davao, I’ll need to get some new pair of pants.


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