food trip: Davao City

I could die tonight.

We had this for lunch…

… with this one.

Hah! Forget about restraint. I’m going to enjoy this day 😀

Good thing we had quite a walk to Jack’s Ridge. The view was okay. The coffee was bad. Overall, it was underwhelming. You’re not supposed to extend that much effort cramped in a tricycle ride fearing for your safety and then find yourself served with that bad of a coffee. At least we got to walk stairs, enjoy the view, disturb couples on a date, deal with more steps, and hike back to the tricycle stop. We went to this cafe because it looked nice. I guess that’s the only good thing about it. Oh, it had some wifi.

We got to explore the city on foot as we searched for Claude’s Cafe. We passed the place during the jeepney ride to the city hall. It seemed like a good place.

It was beyond good. The food’s a bit pricey compared with other restaurants in the area but I believe you get your money’s worth. They have big portions and great food. I ordered Mrs. Claude’s Spaghetti  (or something like that). It was the best spaghetti I’ve tasted to date. I wasn’t able to finish the serving. This, my sisters would have to hear. I surrendered on their plate of spaghetti (which says a lot about their servings). I don’t know Mrs. Claude but I love her already!

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