I’ll wait

Turbina Station and once again home bound.

This place has changed. What used to be a vacant lot’s now alit with signs of this bee the kids here love. I love having Jollibee here because I get a better range of bus food and they have relatively clear comfort rooms. Jollibee makes the waiting more tolerable.

The television cases are empty – except for that one surviving battered box. It’s greatly appreciated by the waiting passengers. Buses here never leave on time. You’d be lucky if your bus leaves 30 minutes late. For most, it’d take about a quarter of an hour to two hours of waiting. If in a hurry, better wait for the first bus to arrive then buy the ticket. For this trip, I’m in no hurry. The later I arrive in Legaspi, the better. There won’t be a van bound for Bacacay until about eight in the morning or later still.

It took me thing long to realize that I get to save about P40 if I just wait for the first van and enjoy an airconditioned 45-hour trip rather than pay the tricycle on a bumpy ten-minute ride to the Poblacion.

I can wait for hours. That, I’ve managed to get used to.


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