afternoon with the aunts

No walk for today. It’s been raining since I got here yesterday. I just hope the weather would clear in the next days. So it was back to sleep.

I accompanied the aunts to get supplies for the Christmas dinner in Legazpi City. It was nice to see that there were indeed discounts for senior citizens (all the aunts belong to the category) in selected grocery items. The senior citizen lane was quite long and you really had to wait for some time.

Watching the lady behind the counter at the Metro Pacific Mall grocery, I understood the reason for the long wait. There were forms to be signed. The products needed to be sorted. They had to log a lot of things. No matter how long the wait, senior citizens patiently waited. The five-percent discount on selected products is still money saved.

The third aunt was nervously assessing our cart. She had the feeling than we went over budget. We did 😀

One of the reasons they went to the city was to get gifts for their grandson. When we got home, I was treated to a show-and-tell session of the gifts they selected and bought for the six-year old boy that was to arrive in a few days. It was like watching a sales pitch – on who got the most interesting gift.

From where I sat, I could only offer praises for their selections. A lazy smile of amusement lingering as they proceeded to return the toys to their boxes.


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