back on foot

Finally got some exercise this morning. My pants have been begging for it for some time. But really, I just thought I should make room for the noche buena 😀

It was late when I woke up. The sun was up but I’m glad I managed to start the brisk walk. It has been raining in the past two days so I thought I’d take advantage of the weather. I just needed to get out of the gate so I would be forced to finish the entire walk. As expected, I walked most of the time instead of jogging half the distance.

The problem with taking a walk past six in the morning is that you’d be dealing with more curious looks, more vehicles, and a the late morning sun. I know it’s supposed to be healthy.

I f you happen to be staying at Bacacay, Albay, try the Poblacion-Sogod-San Jose-Bonga-Hindi-then back to Poblacion route whether on a bike or on foot. It’s a source of fulfillment especially if you’ve been slacking on your exercise.

To complete an entire lap on jog remains a goal. Hopefully, I’d manage to achieve that next year.


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