Christmas companion

Meet Cali.

He’s been keeping me company these past few days. He’s barely a month-old askal pup of the second sister and her husband. The pup doesn’t know how to properly urinate yet. His diet’s that of cats. See, there were three cats  in the compound before Cali came. The food prepared is shared by the dog and the cats. They’re managing well, it seems.

He barely barks. Instead, he has this loud cry-howl which is a bit weird at daytime. Come evening and it’s a different matter. I get goosebumps from the howling sound. It doesn’t help that we’ve been having cold days with strong winds and rains. Great sound effects for horrors.

Aside from the uber enthusiastic tail wagging greeting we get every morning – with the usual sandy imprints in whatever pair of shorts I may have been wearing – Cali has been my most willing subject for photos. (He certainly knows his angles. )That’s how we both deal with boredom.

I can say, this vacation has been greater fun because of this pup 😀


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