first day at work

for 2012, that is.

Suffered from light-headedness the whole day. There’s this faint buzz from lack of sleep. It’s a challenge to make sense of anything at this point.

Arrived in the apartment at about five in the morning. The musty old scent welcomed me as I struggled with one of the locks. I was planning on hitting the bed the soonest but I couldn’t.  It felt like taking in dust with every breath. I ended up cleaning the apartment. Then I thought it’d be nice to rearrange things. Then I had to rid the ceiling and the walls of cobwebs. Then I needed to wipe the floor clean. Then it was eight in the morning. I haven’t even applied dyed wax to the floor. I’ll leave that for tomorrow. No sleep yet for today, I thought.

When I arrived in the morning, I had second thoughts if we really had work today. Then I figured, that didn’t really matter. I have stacks of student outputs to return later this week. This would be the best time to work on them. Now, how to start…

Brewed coffee. I missed this. Grabbed a small cup (no bigger cups of coffee at Mc Donalds Vega Centre) on my way to the office.

It seemed like our rodent roommates at the office had some party of their own. As usual, the cleaning and disinfection of things and the washing of tumblers and mugs. Held my breath as I opened my tumbler fearing that I may have forgotten to wash it before the vacation. Out came a sigh of relief and I thanked my past me for washing the tumbler. It would have been quite a sight (and odor) if… on to more positive thoughts.

I managed to clear some of my storage space at work. Now I can fill them with new piles of student outputs. Early in the afternoon, I woke with a stiff neck from the lunch cat nap. Great.

The cat nap did great help as energy boost. Survived the afternoon and I managed to jog in the evening. At last, I finally got to complete a round on jog 😀 I have difficulty in maintaining the pace. Four (out of ten) separate rounds, I completed on jog.

I pressed end on the pedometer and was surprised to hear a programmed encouraging statement from the application. “You burned some serious calories,” it said (or something to that effect.) I should! I took in quite a great number during the holidays.

A new average pace and completing rounds on jog. It’s been a great start.



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