Time never seems to be enough. I can’t ever seem to do the things I want when I want to. There’s just always something I need to do before I can do the things I want to. So I proceed to prioritizing those things I need to do, pushing the want-to-dos farther south of the priority list. Problem is, one never runs out of the need-to-dos. It follows that if I keep on not doing the things I want to (so I could first deal with the things I need to), I’ll never be able to do what I want – and I’ll constantly find myself wondering why I never did the things I want to.

What have I been doing with all that time? I’d wonder and perhaps, I’ll think of the past me as one who’s incapable of finding balance between work and living. I’ll think of that me as one who never had the nerve to figure out what one wanted and proceeded to do it.

There’s that feeling of being tied down, unable to chase dreams and possibilities. The immature self would blame work, the need for money, pressures of life, – anything but oneself – that one who decides but opts not to disrupt routines fearing consequences.

You can do what you want when you have the courage to face the consequences head on. It took me quite a while to process that.



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