post holidays predicament

This is dinner. Typical post holiday meal. Instant pancit canton> and . The instant noodle pack was the second to the last piece in the cupboard. These were the least preferred stock. The noodle or the ham? I’m sick of eating ham (the Christmas office treat). That’s all I’ve been eating for breakfast the entire week. That was what I had this morning. Something begged for a ham break.

It’s that time of the year when I get to clear the kitchen cupboard because I’m living in poverty after all the gift giving and the holiday feasts – and selfish purchases and glutton sessions. I never learn anything.

About financial management, I’m afraid I haven’t improved much hence, this meal – and the rest of the meals for the first quarter 😦 It’ll get better. Somehow. I don’t know how but I’ll survive the first three months. I only need to read previous entries to realize that I’ve been in a worse situation.

The evenings are getting cooler. The steady drizzle outside provides a lulling background. I’m supposed to be writing but I could not miss this chance to curl up and cozy with a book.

I’ve been sleepy most of the day. It pitied the students who came for an interview – and the person who’ll do the video editing. Good luck in getting something of substance from that session. Not one of my proudest moments.


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