the powers of ma

Went to the mother’s place for (free) dinner.

The the eldest and the third sister as audience, the mother recounted the details of her two-week vacation with the boyfriend. Our reactions can be generalized into one statement, Ganda mo ‘teh!

The mother made the boyfriend carry half a sack of red rice in a international airport plus some smelly dried fish (as if there’s none of these available in Luzon 😀 ) If that wasn’t enough, she managed to (convince the boyfriend) to purchase a Macbook Pro so they could chat on Skype. Although, considering her previous months’ bills, getting the laptop and securing an internet connection seemed more cost-effective.

It never fails to make us wonder about the mother’s power of persuasion and charm (and why we I didn’t get even a drop of it!) She knows how to get what she wants. In the end, that’s all that seems to matter – most of the time.


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