I hate dealing with pedestrian lanes. (An understatement). Dealing with them means I have to cross the street or worse, a highway.

On my way back to the apartment from a day with the mother, I found myself in the middle of the pedestrian lane in the national highway – frozen. Scared, immobile, … –  darn brain won’t process!

I knew I had to cross the highway that I have crossed a lot of times before. I was kidding myself (out of habit) that it’d be funny if I got stuck in the middle of the highway. I thought Nah! That won’t happen. I’ll wait hours just to make sure I won’t find myself in that situation.

Minutes later and all I could process was Sh*t! <repeat n number of times>. I really doubted if I’d survive that crossing (not as funny as it sounds). Where the hell did these busses come from?! When I began to cross the street, they weren’t there. Now two busses from opposite directions were closing in on me – on a pedestrian lane? I thought vehicles should give way to pedestrians in the pedestrian lane? Or was that a stupid thought?  Stupid, the brain answered.

Thank goodness the red bus stopped a couple of feet away from the lane. I could feel my face lose color. Once I processed that it was stopping, I dragged my feet and got on the jeepney on standby. I didn’t even check if it was UP College bound.  (Good thing it was.) I didn’t really care. I just wanted to get away from the scene. I was so relieved (to be alive) that I skipped the embarrassment part. That’s nothing compared to being able to proceed with doing the groceries.

Legs still wobbly and the heart palpitating, I’ve never felt happier to see the frowning guard’s face at the town mall.


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