the move

I woke up troubled. The mind was hard at work in deciding where I’m going to go.

Hours before, I found myself sleeping in a waiting shed along a crowded busy street. I could sense jeepneys passing through the highway above the shed. The shed was stretched longer than the usual ones. It seemed like the shed was located in Manila area (that’s quite vague, I know). On the side was the stack of my things. I’ve been sleeping on top of my bags. It was only when I got up that I felt some embarrassment because people were staring at me and my luggage. Have I been here long? It was day time when I found myself in this place resting my head on the luggage. When I got up and notice unwelcome stares, it dimmed into night time with the faint yellow foggy air against a streaks of light from fast-moving traffic.

Then I found myself in a sunken apartment with this person I seemed to know (but I don’t). He seemed to give me an idea on where I can go. In my mind was an empty apartment, which I realized was were I lived before (not my real apartment). I just knew that I packed my things to go to the apartment I just left. Everything’s still foggy yellowish with the sun’s (or was it the light post’s?) rays streaming through the window panes, revealing this dusty empty space. I don’t even remember where my things were at that point.

When I woke up, I was dreading the work of putting back my things. I have never been so relieved to see my red alarm clock – in my apartment – where everything was in place (and isn’t as dusty!)

Still, the head ached from all that worrying.


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