as usual

Managing to work with a few hours of sleep (thanks to the caffeine induced energy bursts) and still struggling to complete a output to be presented in a few hours. It’s back to the normal work pace – and state.

It was a challenge to get some sleep last night. I might just have taken in more caffeine than usual. It was morning when I managed to get so sleep and I had to wake up early to deal with some urgent deliverables.

I’d be at the office on or before eight whenever I have to seriously work on my submissions. With the bed weather we’ve been having, working at home became a greater challenge. The mattress is just to distracting and there’s the need to constantly fight with the urge to curl up under the sheets.

I was able to present the output on time. The output still needs a lot of work though. What remained of the afternoon I spent drinking more coffee  to keep me awake. What did make the afternoon lively was the department chat over pandesal and barako brew.

Surviving. There are several things I need to complete and arrange before we leave for the community immersion. I only have until tomorrow to finalize the arrangements and complete the editing/checking.

I don’t know how I’d deal with tomorrow’s tasks but somehow I’ll manage 😀



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