destination: Mt. Tapias (Coron, Palawan)

Seven hundred steps (actually, it’s has more) that’s what we were to deal with to get to that cross at the top of Mt. Tapias. “I can deal with that,”  thought I. It seemed manageable. They pointed the mountain and I asked where we could get some bottled water. Just in case.

I was already breathing heavily after the inclined walk to the foot of the mountain. Not a good indicator. I haven’t even reached the first step yet.

The markings on the concrete helped motivate us to finish the climb. Every hundredth step, is a marker of how far you’ve climbed. We took photos in every marker and took turns taking the picture. When it was my turn to take the shot, the companions broke into laughs after noticing that I couldn’t press the button because the hand was shaking.

It was relatively a comfortable climb. The steps were well maintained. There were concrete steps. That, I think is most important. Plus there were metal rails. It’s your pace you need to focus on. In our hometown, we dealt with steps that were carved into the mountain side that may fade/disappear as one neared the top.

The view got better as we neared the top. That was enough motivation. The landscape, I couldn’t get enough of it. When we reached the top, I took a few mandatory shots of the cross and then it was forgotten. We stayed and took photographs to our hearts’ content. It was the battery and memory card capacity that gave up on us.

We waited for the sunset and for the cross to be lit. The lights weren’t switched on that night. The sunset made the wait worthwhile.

It was dark when we started with the dreaded descent. Guided by mobile phone flashlight application, we slowly made our way down the foot of the mountain.

Visions of dinner was the motivation on the way down. We worked quite an appetite and packed on carbs with the pasta and pizza treat. It was a great way to celebrate a birthday.


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