destination: Palawan (Coron) Day 1/6

Two hours of sleep. Not a very good preparation for the day’s travel.

I was too afraid of not waking up on time that I planned on not sleeping at all. Come midnight and I changed my mind. I did manage to get some sleep.

The van ride from Los Baños to the airport was completed in about an hour. We found ourselves joining the long line of departing passengers entering the airport. Most passengers were surprised to see such long lines just to enter the area. The two hours we had before the flight were spent looking for an affordable breakfast and good coffee.

We arrived at about 11am and proceeded to Coron town proper where we’ll be staying at the Coron Village Lodge.

We waited for the rest of the group to arrive at Seadive, a restaurant slash bar slash dive gear rental shop. We spent the entire afternoon on fresh fruit shake tasting, fruit plates, and potato fries and chip plus taking photos.

Late in the afternoon, we braved the 700 (or more) steps of Mt. Tapias. The concrete steps made the climb easier. Still, it was challenging for the heart. Well worth it.


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