destination: Palawan (Coron-Busuanga-Calauit) Day 2/6

Home cooked breakfast 😀

A stay in the two-story unit at Coron Village Lodge comes with few LPG gas, stove, and basic kitchen and cooking stuff. It’s more cost effective, especially if you’re part of a big group, if you prepare some of your meals.

The morning was spent at the public market purchasing supplies for the two-day stay at Calauit. The rest of the day was spent waiting for the rest of our party to arrive at the airport. Waiting, we found, is such an expensive activity. There was nothing else to keep us from boredom aside from food –  offered at airport price.

Hours and a couple of delayed flights later, a party of some 30 people were packed into a large jeepney equipped with a heavy truck’s engine. It was past five in the afternoon when we left the airport to start the three-hour ride to New Quezon. The trip took longer since the driver had to be extra careful in maneuvering the vehicle in the dark.  Riding on top load was like being in an amusement park ride – for about three hours. That was the longest time I spent staring at the stars. We had a clear sky so we had a great view. Falling stars are not-so-seldom occurrences in these parts, I believe. Spotted two before we reached the destination.

You know you’re quite far from the city when the lights inside the house become dimmer. Lights indicative of houses are spread farther. Most importantly, the air more fresh – that clean coolness (despite the dirt particles that thankfully we cannot see).

A couple of minutes’ wait and boats were loaded with supplies and passengers. Clear skies and calm waters gave no warning of an incident that was to be traumatic for some. We passed by a submerged boat, some passengers panicky. I couldn’t blame them. Thankfully, everyone was safe. Some devices were damaged. Still, everyone was thankful that there were no injuries.

We could feel shadows of worry from the community. They were worried for our safety not as clients but as persons. As we take our dinner, one can sense the worried lingering presence of parents beyond the illumination from the guest cottage. It seemed that they were unwilling to go back to their homes until they had made sure everyone was safe. People were not into the blame game.


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