destination: Palawan (Calauit) Day 4/6

It’s the second day of immersion.

Where else would we start but with that beach from yesterday 😀

The sea floor was covered with sea grass. No wonder the area is known to be visited by sea cows or dugongs. Searched for star fish. Found a popular shell used for souvenirs with the creature still inside 😀 The early morning seawater was cool. There was no need for goggles. You can easily see the sea floor and watch the small fishes in panic. We just had to find the area in between reefs so we could experience deeper waters. We were meters away from the shore and still, the water was knee deep. We were happy to find a small area where the water reached our shoulders.

Later that morning we had a trek to another beach. In here, getting to the next item in the itinerary is more than enough workout.

We passed by a bamboo forest (didn’t even want to think about the possibility of snakes writhing somewhere),

met a monkey in what used to be a mini zoo where there used to be crocodiles (the pens now hold a native bird),

a rice field,

upland farms (where we discovered that giraffes hate banana heart. It seemed that giraffes from the safari passed by the farm and made breakfast out of the bananas),

another bamboo forest (I wouldn’t be surprised if there’d be people flying over the bamboos – old Chinese movie style),

then a long stretch of beach with seaweed leaves outlining the shore,

where I learned that the thin white oval-shaped thing (talk about vague) placed inside the bird cages for feed is actually part of the back of a big squid. Every oval thing we see means a dead big squid somewhere.

Seeing these mangrove trees made me feel like I shouldn’t be there. It’s so alien. It reminded me of a brighter version of Yoda’s place.

It was an amazing trip to the beach spot. The view was great but I was dreading the walk back. The wet straps of my mojo’s were brushing against the side of my feet. Strap burns soaked in saltwater plus fine sands caught in between isn’t the greatest feeling one can get when on a trek. I was seriously thinking about walking barefoot. Then I remembered the rocks on the trail in the upland farms and the rice fields. I decided the strap burn in my feet would heal faster. I just gritted my teeth every time we had to walk on saltwater or mangrove mud.


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