destination: Palawan (Calauit-Coron) Day 5/6

It was an early trip back to New Quezon. There was morning flight back to Manila that the students needed to catch.

The jeepney ride to Busuanga Airport was shorter. We, the top loaders, had time to appreciate the view. We weren’t able to do that on the way to New Quezon since it was already dark.

I thought this day would be free from a hike or trek. We had to deload the jeepney – meaning, we had to get off – to allow it to deal with an steep portion of the road. It was quite a hike. Of all the physically challenging activities, this hike was the greatest challenge. We were supposed to get off the jeep two more times but it seemed that the driver took pity on us – or perhaps we they had to wait a long time before we reach the jeepney 😀

A few meters away and you'll see a "waiting for nothing" version (San Jose)

Another hour’s worth of jeepney ride and we were back at Coron Village Lodge. Our flight leaves tomorrow. The remaining members of the group grabbed some lunch and enjoyed the comfort of the mattress and the air conditioning. It was sleep and then food. Coron Bistro it was.

The group earned an invitation for dinner at a new bar. Seafood! How can one say no to that? We were still full from the afternoon “snack”. Still, that didn’t keep us from enjoying crabs and squid and grilled fish 😀


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