destination: Palawan (Coron) Day 6/6

Had an early start. I have to. I take a lot of time in the bathroom. I was up at four in the morning to prepare my things for the trip to Busuanga, NAIA, and then to Los Baños.

Had an early breakfast at the Coron Village Lodge bar and restaurant (thank goodness they’re open as early as 6am).

The van will pick us up at 7am. Helped ourselves with the instant coffee as we waited for the food.

Miss Pam's cup of coffee. Tuned out of the morning chat distracted.
The eind chimes made out of copper (?) forks. It took a while before I figured it out. It's an amazing piece of creativity.

There’s a heavy feeling as we neared the airport. It confirms that we’re really leaving this place. My thinning wallet’s been wanting to go back to Laguna so I can start saving up once more.

How can one not feel bad leaving this view behind? I’ll go back. I’m not sure when. But I’ll have to go back to this place.

Mocha almond cake at LeBistro (NAIA 3)

A quarter of an hour later and we found ourselves with coffee and cake waiting for other members of the group who flew in a different airline. One thing I missed was desserts, specifically cakes. There wasn’t much of that in Coron.

We left the airport past noon and arrive at about 3 pm in Los Baños. Still managed to drop by the office to see if there’s a new task in my table. I was relieved to find that there was none. Did something utterly stupid.

The day ended with a dinner with the eldest sister and the second niece.


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