Post vacation syndrome.

All we could cross out from the day’s tasks was the “organize Palawan photos” entry. Caffeine wasn’t that helpful. It’s hard to go back to work mode after a week’s travel. I found myself staring at the same essay entry for an hour. Then I thought, for an hour I could have done a lot of things in Calauit. Time seemed to pass slowly in the island. Then a knock on the door brings me back to the present.

It’s basically like that the whole day. I’d remember something about the trip and I’d be lost in thought. I’ve gotten used to the comments about us being shrimp red, the sun burn, – basically getting a lot of shades darker.

One thing I like is that I seemed to have more physical activity in the past week. At least I didn’t gain weight. Will the seafood I’ve consumed, I’m really thankful for that. Thinking about it, we had a hike or trek everyday in the past six days. That was something.

Now back to these student essays.


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