Saturday walk

It’s the first weekend back in Los Baños after the weeklong trip to Palawan. I’ve slept all I could for the day. I thought a walk would be nice – early in the afternoon – as I think about what I’d want to do for the day. There’s a pile of things I need to read for work but that isn’t something I’d want to deal with on a weekend. Although, I did get some drafts from the office so I could browse through the contents as I waited for brunch to be served.

I could get used to this. To eat out on a weekend.  Beef tapa and  fruit shake to start the pampering for the day. Craved for good coffee. This is too much, came a reminder. No, it is not. You deserve some good coffee. Plus, you need to find a new place to think.  I walked a couple of blocks to this quiet coffee place. This could be it, I thought. I’ve been looking for a place to get some peace and have work done. The places closes early though. I could transfer to the other place for the next two hours. That would be manageable. It was dark when I left.

It is a good think place. Managed to sketch a little and plan – seriously plan. The previous think place has moved to a new location. It’s quite far. This place, I’d go back and try to bring some work here. Let’s see if I can get anything done.



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