It feels like I have used all the processing I could do for the week. I never thought a few hours could take so much from you. Perhaps, it happens only when there’s someone banging at your neighbor’s door at about three in the morning – and the neighbor seems to be dead asleep – when people a supposed to be resting. People call using mobile phones these days to wake people up, especially when it’s already late (or too early).

I found myself staring at the screen blankly. Then I realized I’ve been staring at my reflection. The screensaver has been activated due to the unit’s inactivity. There’s a lot to do! screamed a voice in my head. What else is new? An answer came from somewhere.

I attempted to sleep early but there I lay organizing the priority list for the things I need to do during the weekend and next week to make way for the next month’s tasks… and it goes on. I’m tired before I even start dealing with the actual task. Still, sleep won’t come to me.

I was hoping to have a rested sleep tonight. I’ve finished the week’s light read. I’m still not sleepy. Tried a coupe of movies. Nothing interesting enough to complete watching it.

I just want that sleep.


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