girls and comfort room

I just wanted to make it clear. I was irritable at the time. I was cramming for a deliverable and I was hungry (and it was way past lunch time).

A school/office comfort room is a shared comfort room. Space and time are premiums for this types of spaces. So I enter the CR and found three college girls inside talking more than the average volume one would tolerate for conversations. I guess that’s what being glued to headphones does to this generation.

They were kind of blocking the way to think there were only three of them. The room can accommodate up to seven people comfortably not counting the three individuals inside the cubicles. I get that they using the mirror on the side and at in front of the sink. They just had to use it that long? Okay they can. With other people using the room?! Can’t they just compose themselves for a bit?

I go to the sink and find their stuff cluttered in all three sinks. A glass on the first one, a bag beside the second sink, and an umbrella on the third one. If I were a greater bitch, I would have accidentally splashed some water on the bag while they took photos of reflections of themselves. I needed to freshen up, wash my face. I thought I could come back later.

I did come back and they were still there  – about to leave. Thank goodness. It was only then that they realized there was another person in the room. A few apologetic glances. Or perhaps my face was already expressing what I wasn’t able to with words.

It’s not a hangout.


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