I’m two days behind schedule but I felt that sense of relief when I walked out of the building at about eight last night. Good things there’s an event in the building otherwise, I wouldn’t have finished printing the report. I would have wanted to sleepwalk back home so I could recharge and deal with the next deliverable. This is what happens when one completes nothing during the weekend. I so deserve this.

If only I could detach the back and neck so I could give it some massage. If only I had saved enough so I could treat this back to a massage. If only the receivables would have registered in my bank account then I would have savings. If only the agencies would promptly pay for outsourced materials development, I would have something extra for a massage. Really now? Okay, I would have paid a visit to the salon and get a massage.

It seems to have its own pulse, the neck down to the upper back and shoulders. Sleeping would be a challenge once more, I guess. Tomorrow, I hope I can deal with backache already. Payday just won’t come soon enough.


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