on with the proposal

The month’s ended and still no manuscript for my research 😀

That isn’t really a very encouraging way to start a post – or to end the month. No surprise there. I haven’t really really spent serious time on actually writing it. Well, it is how it is. February won’t be the same. I will get that proposal ready for my adviser this February. Meaning, until the last minutes of February. Thank goodness it’s a leap year. I get a day more 😀

I did finish the revisions for another output. Three years and finally, it’s laid out. All 30 pages that sums the past years agony. The draft was due some two years ago. I just hope my thesis proposal won’t be anything like that.  It won’t. It must not. Not an option.

Got more articles to finalize and layout by tomorrow. I can do that. Somehow. I can deliver this one on time. I should be saying that with more conviction, really. Hah!

I wish my aunts were here to do the reminding scolding. Put some sense into scattered thoughts. I really should be taking this more seriously. I’m not?! Emphasis on more.

February just cannot end without my proposal – bound and submitted.


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