2012 challenges

A month has passed before I could finalize the list of the next year’s challenge. It’s similar to what I’ve written for 2011. The direction is simple. Do better.

  1. daily post. Let’s try introducing monthly themes to break the monotony of rants and my to-do for the day.
  2. weekly doodle or photo. I’m finding harder to draw anything these days. Once a week, one needs to clear the mind. For me, that’s be completing a sketch (or more). I also need to take Dee to a walk more often. Take more photos for this year.
  3. weekly movies. I’ve got no problems watching movies. I just have to write something about it after.
  4. bimonthly reads. From monthly to two books a week. Thought it’s time to make things more challenging for the reads part. I can always rely on the thinner romance novels if all else fail 😀
  5. jog (complete 20 rounds every week) Can I really do that? The aim to improve the pace and hopefully join a fun run this year 😀

I’ll add a few 30-day challenges (or weeklong challenges) as the year progresses – so I can write about something. Come February 1 of 2013 and we’ll see how (un)committed I was  to these five challenges.


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