It was about five  in the morning when I managed to send the draft. It would still require a great deal of editing nut I need the printout (and some time away from the thing) to spot errors.

The head grew exponentially heavier over hours of endless staring at the working draft on the screen. Eyes bloodshot, that oversensitivity to sound (I’ve been hearing the same barely audible tune in the past week and I can’t figure out where it’s from), problematic balance, and slow to nonexistent brain processing; that’s what one gets from no sleep. I just wanted it to be completed so I can sleep deeply without any alarm settings to dread (as if they still work).

At 5:22, I finally sent the file. I tried getting some sleep. I was tired but sleep won’t come. Great. So I close my eyes to give it a rest. Three hours later and I woke with a phone ringing. I slept! I’m thankful for that. But three hours? With bothersome dreams? Not my idea of a recharge.

In that state, I had lunch with my undergraduate adviser and managed to get the details for another task. I’ll start with that in a while.

Unloaded two week’s worth of laundry at the mother’s place. Some parasitic daughter I am. It was supposed to be a daughter paying the mother a visit. I just happen to have two bags of laundry with me. I had to eat again (not much of a problem there. The mother’s a great cook) to please the mother. A few exchange of stories and then I was dead to the world.

The mother has this pair of really good pillows and a softer comforter. Got four hour’s worth of good sleep in them. My cousin woke me up for dinner. Dinner? The mind asked. I looked out the window and it was indeed dinner time. I wanted to sleep more but then I had to take my leave before nine otherwise, the mother would be asking me to stay overnight, which I can’t because there’s this task I have to start.

Crossing the highway was a breeze for today. No traumatic encounters with buses. Found myself enjoying a 15-peso worth of happiness from the convenient store. The attendant was new and he was kind with the sundae serving 😀 I just wanted to make sure I said thank you.

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