in mourning

It feels strange tapping away thoughts in unfamiliar keys.

A few minutes past one this afternoon, the world became a darker place. I accidentally spilled water on the laptop keypad. I turned it off after observing the screen lights were acting weird. Rushed for towels to deal with the water and tried to think rationally -failed. I attempted to turn on the unit (not a smart move, I found) and got a beeping sound, the screen remained unresponsive.

This can’t be happening! Somewhere came a scream. Not now! Not with a deadline this evening! Denial took some 2o minutes before I realized, I’ll be dealing with costs for diagnosis, repair, and replacement of parts. Darn, such great timing. Fate does have some twisted humor. I know I’ll get a laugh out of this one in the future. Right now, I’m having trouble thinking of anything but the cost.

I doubt I’d be able to sleep, which is good since I have something to finish. It feels like someone left. Every other minute, you find yourself pressing the wrong keys and looking foe different buttons. You search for files that’s not there. Still, it could have been worse.

My whole life’s in there! I know I’ll have to part with the unit for quite a while – hopefully, it’d be temporary. I’m doomed.

On the brighter side, I’m thankful for knowing people who are willing to extend help and who can share a laugh over a meal and coffee.


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