a day of waiting

No time for disbelief.

I found myself at the office way earlier than usual. It’s a good thing I’d be able to take a ride with the office unit to the repair center. That’s a great relief since I’m hopeless with the commute system. I’m still hoping the unit could be repaired. Every now and then I’m lost in that few seconds of stupidity. I’ve gotten used to  explaining what happened in a mechanical manner. How could I have been that careless? Still, what is done is done.

I seldom pray but this time, I find myself talking to Him more than talking with the self.

We take three hours of travel to stay for an hour in the service center, mostly waiting time. At least I found the cell phone casing for this phone that seemed not to exist. It is very seldom that I could find accessories for this model – even harder to find good quality and tasteful designs. Still for today, He was kind enough.

Three days for the diagnosis and two to four weeks for the repair, that’s what the receiving staff said. Worst case, I’d need a new unit. My heart sank. It is in this state that I shall be waiting for the diagnosis, which can take about three days.

Everything’s in disarray. It seems to get worse everyday. I’ll get through this, I tell myself. Repeatedly, I tell myself until somehow I start believing it.


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