help unexpected

The dreaded call came. One of the worst case cases – logic board damage. Getting a new unit would be cheaper than replacing the logic board. If only it was that easy.

At least, I get to have my files back. That’s a good thing. Now, to find another unit to transfer them to.

There’s that pounding again in my head. Deep breaths. Blank stares. To focus on work would be a good distraction.  I finished the task I’ve been dreading for weeks in about three hours. But then, I’ll have the time to think about finances and go back to that endless computation of possibilities. More deep breaths. It’s gonna be okay. Somehow.

This is entirely a whole new level of low. They say it gets better –  more challenging every time. This one skipped a lot of levels. Perfect timing, what can I say? More thoughts on computations. More dread.

Found hope from someone I never considered would take the initiative to offer. It’s not final. But somehow, it’s nice to hope. I’ll sleep better tonight. I was surprised. Overwhelmed. Thankful.


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