It’s embarrassing to note but I may have been more attached to the laptop than humans.

I’m drained from the seemingly endless shift from the edges of the emotional spectrum. Me being in such state was caused by having no working unit of my own. Hopefully, the new unit will be delivered later this afternoon. With the new unit will come some sense of rationality. I’ve never been this affected. Thinking about plan B, C, up to N leaves me lost in a blank wall. This is one time, I’d make great effort to be around people.

He may have taken pity on my situation. The scheduled payments today was never settled. In its place came other payments – totally unexpected. Heavenward  came a question “Does that mean I have suffered enough? ”

I am thankful and I am greatly relieved to have finally completed the payment. Now the wait begins for the arrival of the new unit. I can’t even focus on anything. All I can do is wait.

It’s a good thing waiting is something I’ve become used to. I’ve become better at it.

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