experiential learning

Liquid and electronics: not friends. Using the laptop while having your meal/snack with a drink nearby: not a good idea. Sunday’s incident left me wallowing in loss and uncertainty. I’ll never have any liquid near the laptop – ever. Too bad it took a new unit to make me take that seriously.

I was fortunate enough to have my files delivered today. Now I can proceed with some sense of normalcy.

I cannot believe it was just five days ago. It’s amazing what one can do working under stress. This has been one eventful week. I’d like to believe it’s been a good week. I learned a lot about my family and friends. I realized that working under such level of stress can make one productive – although, it’s an emotional torture. One gets to make sense out of everything once one has taken a moment to step back and assess the situation rationally. The world is never against you. One cannot live a lifetime without major lows.

I’ve got a negative financial status, a pile of files to reorganize, and a new unit. This is anything but a lame start for 2012. Despite the weariness and anxiety from all the payment computations, I am encouraged to do better. Well, I should. I’ve got loans to settle. That’s definitely one great motivation.

I’ve got greater drive to make 2012 a good year. I don’t know how I’ll do that. I’ll figure it out somehow. I just know that that’s the least I can do for my family and friends – everyone who’s been supportive all this time (or yeah, maybe parts of it).

Endless thanks to everyone.


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