There’s that uneasy feeling.

My greatest fear for this week would be to spill something again. I’ll never have a glass of anything in the same table as the laptop (unless it’s a really large table – which I don’t have). I’m worried that I might not keep my promise of that two-hour of gratitude in a place I’m not really fond of. I’m afraid of messing up something so simple.

The computations continue and the anxiety is wearing me down. I feel guilty not doing anything. It’s waste of time when I do try to do something.

All I can do is get into movies. For two hours for each movie, at least I get to worry about something else, something simpler. I know what I have to do. I’m just to lazy to start really doing things.

In an attempt to gain some control over this mess, I tried getting my watch repaired. That’s one (actually two) broken thing(s) off the list. I’ve been without time for some time and I’m disoriented most of the time. I feel better already. I’ll just have to return for them tomorrow. Hopefully, things would continue to get better.

It’s quite a mess right now.


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