dealing with rain

It’s a cold rainy start for the week making it hard to unglue oneself from the sheets and drag one’s lead heavy self to the bathroom. The freezing water jolted me back to reality. Hello Monday!

I’ve got no problem with the cold weather. I love it. I get to use my sweaters and jackets, which are more comfortable to work in. I would have gladly brought my umbrella if I just remembered to get it. It wasn’t raining when I left for work.

Monday’s that awkward day when one attempts to slide into that normal work pace – whatever that is – for the rest of the week. You long to get back to the weekend of sleep you just had and try to list all the things you need to complete for the week. “A lot” would be the summary of all that. It’s listing the specifics and prioritizing the most urgent deliverables that takes most of the time – and it’s not like you follow the list anyway.

It was one cold day and yes, it was raining when I had to go home. Layers and sweaters, long sleeves and all, it was still cold. Good thing I had left a jacket at the office. Getting an umbrella was a hopeless case. I’m not going to buy a new one just for the walk home. I’m too poor for that 😀

Water dripping on the face, the now heavy jacket, down to the soaked toes, I brisk     walked my way home. And darn was it cold.


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