Fridays remain to be the confirmation of how pathetic one’s life can be. This one’s not so different.

There’s still that fever and muscle ache. I would have loved to remained curled under the sheets. Sleep just won’t come to me. Such a waste of time. At about ten, I was walking along Lopez Avenue. Destination: Feb Fair grounds. I needed to get out. One more evening spent staring at the ceiling and the walls of the apartment and I’ll lose it. Plus, there’s supposed to be bazaars and food booths in the field 😀

It felt old to be in the fair grounds. “I’ve seen all these before,” I thought. Younger members of the socio-civic organization I’m part of we’re taking photos with the alumni. I’ve lost count of the number of batches that came after ours. I was looking for older alumni and found none. It dawned on me that we were the oldest among the members in the organization booth. Cringed at that realization. What did bring comfort (and fulfillment) were this pack of coffee and a few words of thanks. That was unexpected – and greatly appreciated. A thing or two I’ve done right, at least.

Food and sights taken in, I thought I should be making my way home. There was this halo-halo craving and I was supposed to drop by Chowking Vega Centre that’s now open 24 hours.

CLOSED was scrawled on the clean side of a used paper posted at the restaurant door. Am I that desperate to go to Calamba for halo-halo? Was I seriously considering that option? I was too lazy to take the 45-minute ride for the halo-halo.

Besides, I needed to relish that few minutes of recharge I’ve managed to get. I’d need the quiet of the apartment for that. Another things to be thankful for. A thank you directed heavenwards and a additional More please? I mean, if it’s not that much of a bother. 

Thankfully, there were no noisy neighbors – or loud visitors of neighbors.


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