a day of treats

This may just be one of the days I felt I overdid spoiling myself.

Halo-halo, nai cha, hopia, ice cream, and green mangoes – the things I craved for the last month filled the backpack (and the tummy) on the walk home. Such rewards, when the script I’m supposed to be working on is nowhere near the final page. Hah! I hope I’d feel guilty enough to complete it later.

The day started with flashes of pain when I attempted to silence the alarm clock on reflex. Last night’s jog gave me a good sleep and stabs of pain for every sudden movement. I take the stairs with a countdown of the remaining steps. I hiked my way to the venue of the morning’s meeting. Such a great morning. Then I left my wallet at the conference room so I had to go back. Good thing a colleague was kind enough to take me back. No more hiking required.

Somehow, things were lighter after the late lunch talk. After everything I’ve consumed, I didn’t think that was possible.

No need for dinner, I guess. Spent the rest of the evening reading the remaining half of Catching Fire and Mockingjay.


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