what good from guilt

Managed to jog although I wasn’t able to complete the usual rounds. I’m two rounds short. I’m blaming the shoes:D That comes with the denial that it was I who wasn’t able to complete the usual ten. I did use a different pair of running shoes. I thought I’d give the usual pair a rest. They’re quite worn from more than a year of service. I now remember why I preferred them.

Objectively speaking, it was quite a hot, dry, not to mention dusty evening, which isn’t really what one would expect in February. I loved jogging during evenings because it’s cooler and I can’t really drag myself out of bed very early in the morning – although, I’m seriously considering it since I’d be working more during evenings in the next weeks.

One option was to get some water from the convenient store and go back to complete the two remaining rounds. I just opted not to. This is what happens when one misses a lot of jog sessions.

For the same time it takes to complete the usual rounds, I only managed eight. I wasn’t that surprised since I literally brisk walked most of the time.

Still, I’m just glad I managed to drag myself out of the apartment to the field. The guilt from yesterday’s food binge did me good.


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