Thursday thoughts

Seven AM. No need for the alarm clock. I am up automatically at 7am. Even if I do set the alarm earlier, I’ll just  set it off and go back to bed.  It’s not as early as I would want to wake up but at least it’s relatively earlier than the previous month’s time. My aim is to automatically be up at 5am so I could listen to the radio show I keep missing.

We had an emergency meeting, which delighted my students since it was scheduled during our class hours. Their delight immediately faded when they realized I had prepared an exercise for the day’s session.

Devcom studies. Another thing I’d like to do if I had time to just read. I realized I haven’t really read all the local publications about what I’ve been studying for the past six years. It’s embarrassing. I’ve read chapters of books. But never the entire publication. It would be nice to have a course to focus on devcom literature discussed per author and school of thought. One of these days (I honestly don’t know when that would be), I’d compile a reading list (hopefully, this would be a list of the books I’ve already read) of local authors about development communication. This is just me avoiding the manuscript that I should be working on. I keep seeing my adviser 😀


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