The thing I would want to keep forgetting though I know there’s not escaping it – my research proposal.

Sometimes, you’d think the whole world’s scheming to make you deal with that which you keep putting off. This is somewhat egocentric, I admit. At the start of February, I promised to work the proposal and have it ready for submission by this month’s end. Hah! I haven’t even open the .doc file.

Fate taunting, I seem to have more and more accidental encounters with my adviser lately. I’m seeing more of her in the corridors and even in the office comfort room.

More and more people are asking about the status of the proposal. Even the mother is asking when I’ll graduate. Add the aunts  – and the sisters  – and the colleagues to that list. I’m not even asking for a sign.

Still, I get the message. Messages, rather. Stop worrying about it and start writing it. “Your research is nothing unless it is written,”  a former colleague said.

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